Iranian Social Security Organization
Iran, Islamic Republic of
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Free-of-charge medical services for special patients covered by the Iranian Social Security Organization basic insurance plan

Implementation year

In general, illnesses cause heavy and sometimes prohibitive costs to families in addition to inflicting pain on patients. A number of chronic and often incurable diseases impose higher costs, some of which are mainly incurable; and fall under the category of special diseases in Iran, which includes thalassemia, haemophilia and dialysis patients.

The Iranian Social Security Organization (ISSO) covers the costs of specialized services provided to these patients completely free-of-charge, in compliance with the service package for “Special, Hard-to-cure and Cancer Patients”, approved by the High Council of Medical Services Insurance of Islamic Republic of Iran.

In order to maximize support and reduce catastrophic costs, the ISSO pays other medical expenses from the organization’s internal resources under the heading of “budget notes without paying deductibles by patients”.