Iranian Social Security Organization
Iran, Islamic Republic of
Asia and Pacific

Collection, revision, summarization and amendment of circulars and instructions

Implementation year

The Social Security Law of Iran came into force in 1977, and since then, it has been subject to different changes and amendments in the form of law, instruction or circular. However, the current circulars are very fragmented and of great volume. The multiplicity of directives during past years has caused ambiguity and disunity of procedures, leading to different or sometimes contradictory interpretations by administrative units and insurance branches, which caused dissatisfaction of staff and clients. During 1,485 specialized sessions with professional experts, more than 2,000 main circulars and instructions were collected, revised and summarized into 35 transparent, unique, and new circulars by the Iranian Social Security Organization (ISSO), with another five series in progress.

Governance and administration