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Enhancing the quality of pension requests at the Public Pension Agency of Saudi Arabia

Implementation year

This good practice was submitted by the Public Pension Agency (PPA) that is now part of General Organization for Social Insurance (GOSI).

Our major challenge at the Public Pension Agency (PPA) of Saudi Arabia was to raise the quality of data and pension request outputs, and complete the insurance operations for clients on time. There were also some challenges regarding the overpayments to clients due to lack of accuracy and poor data quality, and moreover its availability on time.

The objectives were to review and develop the organizational structure of the insurance affairs at the PPA, establish the Quality Department (QD), integrate it with external parties, and enhance customer satisfaction with the provided services. Therefore, the QD was established and improved the quality of outputs In addition, it was integrated with 32 governmental and private entities. The request completion time has been reduced to two days. Several workshops have been held to raise the awareness about the QD’s role.

One of the key contributing factors is effective internal communication with all relevant departments.

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