Iranian Social Security Organization
Iran, Islamic Republic of
Asia and Pacific

Strategic planning

Implementation year

The Iranian Social Security Organization (ISSO) is the largest social insurance fund in Iran and it is a non-governmental organization. In order to implement its legislated mandate it has developed a strategic plan for the next four years (2021–2025) aiming to set goals and achieve planned deliverables taking into consideration the following: environmental interconnected changes, considerable level of uncertainty, unsustainable financial balance, inconsistency between macro-level strategies, micro-level financial and operational plans (member coverage, contributions, benefits and services), lack of a clear strategy in human resource, information and communication technology (ICT) infrastructure and fund investments supervision.

The ISSO benefits from the balanced scorecard model, and in this regard, has taken the following ten steps:

  1. establishing the mission;
  2. developing the vision;
  3. codification of organizational values;
  4. analysing stakeholders;
  5. performing the strategic analysis;
  6. performing strategic orientation;
  7. designing a strategy map;
  8. defining sectoral goals;
  9. developing indicators;
  10. designing strategic initiatives.
Governance and administration