Iranian Social Security Organization
Iran, Islamic Republic of
Asia and Pacific

Transparency and accountability in processing complaints

Implementation year

Covering about 50 per cent of the total population of the country, the Iranian Social Security Organization (ISSO) delivers its services to over 45 million people. In order to get proper responses to queries, give recommendations or lodge complaints, the clients require suitable tools to communicate with the ISSO’s different departments. Some of the tools to communicate with the ISSO are correspondence (in-person submission of written complaint), telephone call, SMS, posting mail, Website, email, fax, the CRM system, the government communication portal (SAMED System), and in-person visit to the ISSO departments, directorates and insurance branches.

The Inspection and Complaint Handling Department of the ISSO is a specialized unit for responding to the complaints. Currently more than 10,000 complaints are submitted annually to the ISSO due to different reasons such as changes in rules and regulations, procedure of utilizing the government facilities on jobs and occupations in terms of contribution payment, etc. In addition, the Department is also authorized to respond to the correspondence made by supervisory entities such as the General Inspection Organization of Islamic Republic of Iran.

Governance and administration