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Project 3070: Iranian Social Security Organization digital transformation during the COVID-19 pandemic

Implementation year

Since early 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic challenged the world with a drastic situation. It had many impacts on different areas such as social protection plans and social security organizations due to vast unemployment, illness and death of the covered population. It urged the authorities to take measures toward protecting the covered population and the staff in a more comprehensive way.

In this regard, an accelerated move from traditional service provision to digitalized services was taken into consideration by the management of the Iranian Social Security Organization (ISSO). Actually, the outbreak of COVID-19 triggered embedding digitalization in the ISSO, the purpose behind the scheme “Project 3070” is to reduce in-person visit to the ISSO insurance branches by 70 million per year, through introducing and launching 30 online services. Typically, achieving the goal would take two years, but the emergent situation made the ISSO managers to plan innovatively, and the staff worked stunningly to protect beneficiaries and pass through the pandemic in the best appropriate manner, implementing the social responsibility of the organization in this shocking context.

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