General Organization for Social Insurance
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The Taqdeer platform

Implementation year

This good practice was submitted by the Public Pension Agency (PPA) that is now part of General Organization for Social Insurance (GOSI).

The Taqdeer platform initiative was introduced in 2020 to meet the aspirations of the retirees and beneficiaries as clients of the Public Pension Agency (PPA) of Saudi Arabia, in providing additional services through strategic partnerships with the private sector. At its inception, the project faced a number of challenges, such as the lack of similar initiatives that it could be benchmarked against.

The PPA worked to meet these challenges by making use of digital solutions by building an electronic platform and a smart phone application. Five-track programmes were designed to meet the needs of clients.

Moreover, indicators were developed to measure the progress in achieving the goals, and the results have been satisfactory so far, as the rates of progress in all indicators exceeded more than five per cent. This enhances the PPA’s knowledge of the needs and aspirations of its clients to develop its services.

In addition, among the risks that can be avoided, is poor communication with the private sector, as the PPA depends heavily on the private sector to provide services to the clients.

Information and communication technology
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