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The Mithaq platform

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This good practice was submitted by the Public Pension Agency (PPA) that is now part of General Organization for Social Insurance (GOSI).

Before 2017, the Public Pension Agency (PPA) of Saudi Arabia did not have detailed data for government employees who pay monthly contributions, as the government authorities pay a total amount of employee contributions without details. Therefore, an interactive platform was created for government agencies to enable them to provide the PPA with individual account data and update the employment status. A compliance certificate is issued to the authorities, which guarantee their commitment to providing data according to the PPA standards.

We developed a plan to meet this challenge through a number of objectives, including, for example, creating a digital platform that brings government agencies and the PPA together. We also worked to enhance communication with the decision-makers in the Kingdom to obtain the necessary support to oblige government agencies to provide the PPA with the required data. This project resulted in collecting the data of more than 2 million employees. There are a number of factors that contributed to the success of the project, including, for example, the good digital infrastructure, and the effective communication with all internal and external parties.

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