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Digital Transformation Journey in the Public Pension Agency

Implementation year

This good practice was submitted by the Public Pension Agency (PPA) that is now part of General Organization for Social Insurance (GOSI).

For the Public Pension Agency (PPA) of Saudi Arabia, digital transformation was one of the most important items on the top management’s agenda. This focus on technology adoption and the concept of digital disruption is not new, but the COVID-19 pandemic altered priorities and put the spotlight on it.

To be prepared for this journey, the management delineated the directions to develop a strategic plan that covers the whole PPA before initiating implementing silo projects. Responsibility was assigned to the Digital Transformation Office at the PPA, for it to be the custodian of this objective. The office developed and enriched a full cycle methodology for this transformation to plan, document, design, develop, track, monitor and govern this transformation using the best practices, frameworks and international standards.

In addition to the key successful outcome of this initiative, which centred around the organization and management, a number of vital projects were extremely important for the PPA, like Data Integration and Sharing, Distant Working, Digital Signature, and Collaboration System.

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