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Saudi Arabia
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Communication with Public Pension Agency’s clients during the COVID-19 pandemic

Implementation year

This good practice was submitted by the Public Pension Agency (PPA) that is now part of General Organization for Social Insurance (GOSI).

While dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic and cancelling attendance at workplaces to implement the social distancing rule and the application of the remote working system, the problem of communicating with clients arose. Thus, the Public Pension Agency (PPA) of Saudi Arabia decided to launch a number of new ways to enhance communication with clients and external parties, in addition to developing the current digital means.

The result was that the PPA launched many new services to facilitate and improve communication with clients, such as automated instant conversations. In addition, the PPA conducted 36 workshops for its clients in an interactive and periodic manner to answer inquiries and find solutions to problems facing clients during the pandemic period. Furthermore, the existing means have also been improved and the working hours in call centres increased. The new ways have significantly improved the level and effectiveness of the PPA’s communication with its clients and external agencies, and raised their awareness of the new electronic services.