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Pension communication tools targeting the younger generation: On-site pension lessons at schools, Pension Manga and Pension Quiz Video

Implementation year

The younger generation especially has anxiety and distrust towards Japanese pension systems in society where incorrect information prevails. It is urgent to generate “positive circulation” and establish an environment where people can trust public pension systems towards the future. To reach the status, we must create the momentum that the younger generation keeps thinking about the national public pension systems and their own pensions by getting interested in the systems and deepening their understanding.

For this purpose, the Pension Bureau of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (MHLW) of Japan implemented in fiscal year 2020 projects targeting the younger generation.

  • opening on-site pension lessons at schools;
  • developing the study tools “Pension Manga” and “Pension Quiz Video” that use familiar media, especially for the younger generation (Manga, YouTube.)

Both projects are highly evaluated by the younger generation and we are convinced that there have been a huge success. In fiscal year 2021, we are proceeding further with the projects by increasing on-site pension lessons, promoting the study tools and developing new ones.

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