Social Security Administering Body for the Health Sector
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Expanding membership coverage to Indonesia’s village officials

Implementation year

Village is the smallest governmental unit in Indonesia managed by village officials known as KP Desa. Recruitment of KP Desa is challenging since they are scattered in 74,957 villages across Indonesia. Thus, it is hard to inform them about enrolment to the national health insurance (JKN) considering the limited resources owned by the Social Security Administering Body for the Health Sector (BPJS Kesehatan), 127 branch offices and 389 district offices.

After long discussions with the government, it was agreed that district governments will allocate 4 per cent of their health budget to cover KP Desa members. The village will allocate 1 per cent of its budget but the district government will make the payment directly.

To maximise KP Desa recruitment, BPJS Kesehatan initiated a consultation class that aims to improve the knowledge and understanding of district government about budget allocation, methods of contribution payment and development of web-based registration system for KP Desa members.

In April 2021, the number of KP Desa registered as JKN members reached 801,634 people. This figure has surpassed both the monthly and annual target by 394.15 per cent and 190.33 per cent.