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MYFutureJobs: The national single window for employment services

Implementation year

Expanding its services from assisting up to 1,200 jobseekers with employment injuries or illnesses annually in 2008, Social Security Organization (SOCSO) now delivers employment services to all categories of job seekers in Malaysia through the establishment of the MYFutureJobs National Employment Services, a framework similar to the Public Employment Services defined by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

MYFutureJobs provides a complete ecosystem combining social protection and employment functions in three main areas, including personalized assistance, free-of-charge job search platform, and real-time labour market infrastructure. Operating at the national level, MYFutureJobs serves as the one-stop platform to allow all walks of Malaysian job seekers to be job matched via the portal and seek reference and services related to employment provided by SOCSO and other entities providing employment-related services.

MYFutureJobs has played an integral role during the recent COVID-19 pandemic. It has also operationalised Hiring Incentives and Training to stimulate job creation as part of the economic recovery phase apart from aggressively organising Active Labour Market Programmes. Through these services, it has placed 255,373 job seekers since January 2020 to date.

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