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Consolidated collection management through digitalization - Consolidated collection of five social insurances and the way forward on digitalization

Implementation year

The consolidated collection system for five major insurances was implemented in January 2011 by the National Health Insurance Service (NHIS) in the Republic of Korea. To complete the task, six legal amendments were made, which involved two ministries, two standing committees of the National Assembly, and three organizations. With the consolidated collection system, methods of collection (notification → collection → compliance) that used to be different for each organization were redesigned in terms of procedures, standards and forms.

New services were expanded with the remaining workers by redistributing the transferred employees. Based on the 10 years of consolidated collection know-how, continuous innovation of digital payment services has been taking place, while non-contact digital notification services are being expanded in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis. The practical aspect of consolidated social insurance collection is that it has achieved simplification of work, specialization, cost reduction and expansion of social insurance services with reduced costs and human resources by eliminating the issue of overlapping duties. Moreover, it is meaningful that the consolidated system enabled advancement and digitalization of the collection process.

Governance and administration
Contribution collection and compliance