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National Health Insurance Service big data and ICT usage in COVID-19 crisis

Implementation year

The National Health Insurance Service (NHIS) is the single insurer in the Republic of Korea that manages health insurance and long-term care insurance under the Ministry of Health and Welfare (MOHW). In the wake of the national crisis due to COVID-19, all employees carried out all efforts for social responsibilities as a public institution and actively responded to overcome the crisis.

The four main roles of NHIS during the crisis were as follows: providing 1) information, 2) finance, 3) facilities, and 4) human resources. For example, there have been efforts in reducing burdens for the insured, alleviating financial damages for healthcare facilities and nursing homes, and preventing risks of the healthcare system’s collapse.

As a result, the rate of confirmed cases of COVID-19 has been kept low, up to now compared to other countries in the midst of this ongoing pandemic. Additionally, public confidence on the NHIS has been greatly improved because of the stable operation of the health insurance system.

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