National Health Insurance Service
Korea, Republic of
Asia and Pacific

Unified Suggestion/Communication Management System for National Health Insurance Citizen Channels

Implementation year

In order to effectively unify and manage 11 communication channels, the National Health Insurance Service (NHIS) of the Republic of Korea has developed a “Unified Suggestion/Communication Management System” by listening to the needs and opinions of the public and employees about health insurance and long-term care insurance. NHIS is the first public agency in the nation to implement this system. Collection of scattered proposals into a database system and computerization of the entire process (from registration to result) for a proposer’s viewing has facilitated communications for all parties involved.

NHIS is the first public institution to open up the administrative processes from beginning to end, including follow-up. NHIS has been recognized not only for effective systemization and unification of administrative procedures, but also for its transparency and respect for the public’s and employees’ right to know. In particular, the improved national participatory system that listens to people’s voices has fostered a positive impression of K-Health Insurance with the public.

Information and communication technology