National Health Insurance Service
Korea, Republic of
Asia and Pacific

Smart citizen service for healthcare

Implementation year

The National Health Insurance Service (NHIS) of the Republic of Korea has created a smart environment in which visiting a branch office in person for civil services is no longer necessary. By integrating 17 homepages operated by different projects and three mobile apps into a single channel (internet, mobile), citizens no longer need to visit a branch office to access the main NHIS services from November 2020.

Integration of services was made possible by public opinion surveys and interdepartmental collaboration. In response to the new emerging era (with the pandemic and digital governance), NHIS has quickly adjusted its system by designing a user-friendly screen, unifying windows, and expanding new non-face-to-face services. Such efforts ensure public safety by effectively preventing the spread of COVID-19 and will reduce processing times for civil services.

The reduced workload at branch offices has greatly improved administrative efficiency, and NHIS was awarded the Customer Satisfaction Brand Grand Prize of the Korea Top Brand Award for the sixth consecutive year, along with the Korea Mobile App Award for the fourth consecutive year, steadily performing as a leader in proactive administrative/public customer services.

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