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Big data-based services to enhance customized rehabilitation: Intelligent Rehabilitation Recommendation System (IRRS)

Implementation year

The Republic of Korea’s workers’ compensation supports the return to work of injured workers, as a social safety net protecting national human resources. The Korea Workers’ Compensation and Welfare Service (COMWEL) is an organization operating “Customized Integrated Services (CIS)” that establishes a rehabilitation plan for injured workers since 2011, while implementing systematic rehabilitation services according to the established plan, helping the successful rehabilitation of workers.

COMWEL has developed the “Intelligent Rehabilitation Recommendation System (IRRS)” in order to efficiently improve the individual effects of rehabilitation services based on experience in operating the CIS over the past 10 years. The IRRS is an AI system that analyses big data on work injuries and employment, which selects from among the injured workers those who need to be active, and designs scientifically tailored rehabilitation services for them. This system is the first case of the fourth industrial technology combined with the rehabilitation administration of workers’ compensation in the Republic of Korea. It was applied since February 2020 and is currently being operated in connection with the IT system of COMWEL.

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