Abu Dhabi Pension Fund
United Arab Emirates
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Innovative and modern communication approach to improve the organization’s operational objectives

Implementation year

The adoption of data driven communication approach proves to have a great impact on performance and results in the private sector over the last decade. In contrast, most of the public sector organizations still depend on the traditional methods of communication even on the new online mediums like social media and mobile.

In line with the ISSA Guidelines on Information and Communication Technology, Guideline 15. Change management, Guideline 19. Defining concept of value and approaches to optimize its realization, and as well as the ISSA Guidelines on Communication by Social Security Administrations, Abu Dhabi Pension Fund (ADPF) initiated the project in mid-2020 to set the base for a long-term communication framework that will:

  • help to build a sustainable trust relationship with ADPF members, through continuous, customer centric, and omni-channel communication;
  • increase the rate of members adoption of our new advanced services;
  • reduce the load on our customers service team and increases members satisfaction.

By moving from mass to narrow targeted communication, we aim to reduce the waste in advertisement expenditure and to increase our communication rate on investment (ROI).

Information and communication technology