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Digital transformation: How Abu Dhabi Pension Fund is leading digital transformation by being pensioner-centric

Implementation year

By putting the interest of the pensioner first, Abu Dhabi Pension Fund (ADPF) comprehensively redesigned its approach to serve its client base of over 91,639 active members, including 12,941 pensioners and 7,805 beneficiaries.

With a renewed focus on the client and by harnessing the power of digital transformation as well as adopting a product-based approach (versus project-based), ADPF has not only significantly improved how the services are orchestrated and offered to customers, but also achieved a satisfaction rate of over 83 per cent.

Furthermore, transforming 26 services ranging from pensioners to entities services have contributed to a digital ecosystem of services distributed over five digital omni channels.

Establishing a robust government-to-government integration platform spanning 26 government entities, the speed and accuracy of data was significantly improved yielding major time savings in processing various pensioner-related services, which laid the groundwork for initiatives such as government open data and artificial intelligence use cases.

The COVID-19 pandemic has put ADPF’s services to the test and the combination of the high utilization rate of the services coupled with equally high satisfaction rates has proven that being pensioner-centric is indeed the correct mind-set.

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