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Service quality: Abu Dhabi Pension Fund App

Implementation year

In accordance with our organization’s strategic plan to provide pensionable services that enrich the customer’s experience, the Abu Dhabi Pension Fund (the Fund) launched in 2018 an initiative to provide all the customers’ informational and transactional services on mobile application. In line with ISSA Guidelines on Service Quality, Guideline 7. Establishing the service outcomes, addressing delivering the right service to the right person at the right time, the project mainly focused on involving the stakeholders during the designing and requirements gathering phase to make the mobile application as one stop channel for all the customers’ services.

Four workshops were held with the customers’ involvement considering different segments (active member, pensioner, beneficiary in term of age, gender, long and short service period). In addition, the review process of all the feedbacks through all the channels has resulted in understanding the exact requirements and customers’ expectations.

After rolling the new version of the mobile application in January 2021, it had over 66,000 download out of 110,000, which means that 60 per cent of our customers have installed the mobile application in the Quarter 1-2021 only. In Addition, in Q1-2021 60 per cent of the customers transactions were received through the mobile only and customer satisfaction rate increased 5 per cent in the Q1-2021 in comparison with Q4-2020.

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