Civil Servants Pension Fund
Iran, Islamic Republic of
Asia and Pacific

Exploring start-ups to improve the quality of retiree life

Implementation year

Given the growth of the community of the Civil Servants Pension Fund (CSPF) and the numerous needs of this community in various areas such as social, economic, healthcare, etc., designing products and services, providing economic and customized start-up-based solutions are considered as a fundamental necessity. Therefore, the CSPF has established the Saba Innovation Centre (Saba) with two goals:

  • Improve the current situation through fulfilling beneficiaries’ needs and helping the development of newly-established innovative businesses.
  • Invest in innovative and start-up teams in the field to provide especial services to elders and retirees.

Saba is considered as one of the few social centres focusing on creativity, innovativeness of start-ups and innovative teams with the goal of improving retiree and elder life quality. This centre aims to provide various services such as healthcare, entertainment and social life improvement of the targeted community of the CSPF as a facilitating tool to provide innovative services in retirement so that these individuals can have a better life quality through achievements and services.

Information and communication technology
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