National Pension Service
Korea, Republic of
Asia and Pacific

Digital consultation through touch screen and various National Pension Service
e-certificate issuance services

Implementation year

The National Pension Service (NPS) of the Republic of Korea developed a digital consultation channel, converting various reports and forms that were previously filled out by hand by customers visiting branches into digital electronic forms. This reduces costs related to creating and processing paper documents, while customers can complete filling out forms using electronic signature on a touch screen. The NPS creates a paperless office environment, while providing digital administration service to customers that minimizes contact time between employees and customers.

In addition, the NPS issues and distributes various electronic certificates related to national pension, which were previously issued in paper documents, through mobile non-face-to-face channels (website and app) after identity authentication. It pursues to resolve inconveniences related to the issuance and submission of paper certificates as well as reduce social costs by eliminating having to visit branches and through “untact” (no contact) service.

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