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Sustainability programme (Istidama): Supporting the sustainability of the private sector

Implementation year

In response to COVID-19 pandemic, the Social Security Corporation (SSC) of Jordan launched the Sustainability Programme (Istidama) in accordance with the Defence Law, issued by the government in 2020, represented by a package of procedures, aimed at securing workers in the activities and sectors most affected; providing temporary income that enables them to meet their living requirements because of the decrease in their wages.

SSC supported the private sector by contributing 50 per cent of the employee’s salary in sectors and firms that are not authorized to work, and by contributing 37.5 per cent of the employee’s salary in the sectors and firms that are most affected by the coronavirus pandemic. In a related context, the programme included a project to reduce the contributions of the private sector (although it is committed to pay the due contributions). This is because SSC’s expectations were proactive in terms of the fundraising, the production and the sales related to it, in one way or another, can prevent it from being unable to fulfil its obligations towards employees later on.

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