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Electronic transformation in the Social Security Corporation: Responding to the need of service recipients

Implementation year

In the light of the increasing number of insured persons in the Social Security Corporation (SSC) of Jordan and the increase in the number of daily service recipients that visit all the corporation’s branches, SSC intended to develop an integrated plan for digital transformation for the years 2018–2022. It is based on the corporation’s objectives for electronic transformation, in order to provide added value to service recipients and to reduce operational costs. The plan included 26 initiatives that contained infrastructure development, investment in human resources, meeting the requirements of service recipients, and developing partnerships with all relevant parties.

These efforts were reflected in the transformation of 95per cent of services to electronic services. The number of users of electronic services increased, including individuals and firms, the time to obtain services decreased, the satisfaction of service recipients increased by 89 per cent during the year 2021, and the percentage of savings in operational costs compared to the traditional operations has reached the rate of 80 per cent.

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