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Establishing a digital branch - A new mechanism to face challenges

Implementation year

The aim of the digital transformation Social Security Corporation (SSC) of Jordan is to provide added value to service recipients and reduce operational costs. The COVID-19 epidemic led the Corporation to stop receiving people and the firms’ liaison officers in all its branches.

In order to meet the challenge, SSC established a unified call centre in the first phase, which aimed to receive applications that are not submitted electronically, to provide a number of services to the insured through calling the numbers designated for this purpose. The second phase aimed to adopt a new and flexible business model to continue working in the post-crisis.

Accordingly, a digital branch was created to follow up all the transactions submitted to the electronic services to carry out the tasks of receiving, calculating, disbursing and completing transactions in one place instead of transferring them to different branches while keeping the communication with the beneficiaries. The digital branch has therefore achieved a radical change in the services of the various parties.

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