Social Security Corporation
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Care programme Reaya for women empowerment - Social protection programmes related to maternity insurance

Implementation year

The Social Security Corporation (SSC) of Jordan constantly seeks to provide social protection programmes for working women. This is evident in the Corporation’s endeavour to amend its legislation to allow working women to benefit from the childcare allowance, relieve the burdens and reduce the obstacles facing working mothers, and enhance their chances to stay longer in the labour market. The recent amendments to Article (42) of the Social Security Law (SSL) – related to maternity insurance – have introduced new thinking in providing support and social protection for working women by adopting a legislative text that allows women to benefit from social protection programmes called care programme Reaya.

The main aim of the programme is to expand the social protection frameworks to working women, by supporting the care sector in nurseries; contributing in part to the nursery premiums for working mothers after the maternity leave, or providing direct support if the mother chooses to take care of the child at home; and supporting nurseries that receive their children.

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