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Disbursing social transfers to citizens with customer centricity, operational efficiency and agility - A case of the Central Provident Fund Board, Singapore

Implementation year

Singapore’s Central Provident Fund Board (CPFB) is the Centre of Excellence for Citizen Disbursement (CD) in administering Government social transfer schemes to support Singaporeans in need with emphasis on customer centricity, operational efficiency and agility as core operating principles.

In 2020, CPFB played an integral role in shaping and implementing three new COVID-19 support schemes and enhancing one scheme where we distributed 6.42 billion Singapore dollar (SGD), benefitting over 2.88 million citizens over nine months. Due to extraordinary economic uncertainty, it was pressing to provide immediate assurance and financial support to Singaporeans. As the delivery of such support schemes demanded extensive coverage of beneficiaries with high speed and accuracy in execution, we adopted the agile approach in project management, systems development and delivery to shorten the time-to-market from months to weeks.

Building on this momentum, CPFB will continue this transformative journey to harmonise processes through business process re-engineering to move into a horizontal operating model. Enabled by a new IT system, we will achieve greater citizen centricity, cost efficiency and faster disbursement turnaround to meet future needs of citizens and policy owners.

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