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Breakthrough in traditional bequest process with the online nomination service (ONS) - A case of the Central Provident Fund Board, Singapore

Implementation year

The Central Provident Fund Board (CPFB) nominations allow members to bequeath their CPF savings according to their wishes without hassle and cost. A major hurdle in nomination making was the cumbersome hardcopy process where the member and two witnesses need to be physically present to sign the nomination form together.

In January 2020, the online nomination process (ONS) was launched, revolutionising a traditional wet ink-signing bequest process into a fully digital interface, a first in Singapore. With ONS, members can make their nominations anytime, anywhere and asynchronously without having to meet up with their witnesses.

The ONS also addressed privacy issues inherent in hardcopy nominations where witnesses could inadvertently see the nomination details during the witnessing. ONS protects this information from witnesses and allows them to focus on their roles, which is to attest to the member’s intention. In addition, ONS allows the member to indicate specific individuals whom they entrust with the authority to enquire on their nomination details after their demise.

In 2020, half of the CPF nominations were made online, translating to time savings of 130,000 hours for CPF members. ONS enabled members to make their nominations despite closures of the CPF Service Centres during COVID-19 pandemic period.

With ONS, CPFB reaped significant cost savings (~700,000 Singaporean dollars (SGD)) and achieved tremendous productivity (~90 per cent), as mundane data entry work was replaced by digital automation.

Service quality