Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security
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One stop portal with integrated services for enterprise retirees

Implementation year

In accordance with relevant requirements of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security of China, Shanghai will further streamline government administration and optimize the “do business” environment in the city. For this purpose, Shanghai Municipal Administration Centre for Social Insurance Affairs implements the “Guiding Opinion of the General Office of Shanghai Municipal People’s Government on Reengineering Service Processes in Order to Do “One Thing at One Time” for Enterprises and People Efficiently”. The Centre takes the lead in designing and launching the “One Thing at One Time” service project for enterprise retirees on governmental affairs service platform. As a section of the integrated online government service platform, the project increases cross-departmental data sharing and service coordination, breaking down service information barriers to improve the quality of services and maximizing convenience for enterprises and people in handling administrative affairs.

Information and communication technology