Employees Provident Fund
Asia and Pacific

ELYA: The bilingual virtual assistant of the Employees Provident Fund - Empowering customers to self-serve, anytime, anywhere

Implementation year

ELYA, abbreviation for “EPF Loves You Always”, was invented to reduce drop calls at Employees Provident Fund (EPF) Contact Centre of Malaysia and to empower customers with self-service facilities in a conversational approach. This is the first bilingual Virtual Assistant (VA) for social security organisation powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) using Natural Language Processing (NLP) and supported by Live Chat. The inspiration to create ELYA’s outgoing persona is a culmination of EPF staff’s personalities and passion to help customers from different walks of life. At present, ELYA has recorded more than 1.6 million sessions, assisting customers with 30 products in EPF. Moving forward, ELYA will enhance its digital experience by providing basic personalised advisory for both members and employers.

Information and communication technology