Superintendence of Pensions
Dominican Republic

Road map to promote pension education: Projects and initiatives

Implementation year

This strategic institutional initiative framework for the Superintendence of Pensions (Superintendencia de Pensiones ‒ SIPEN) of the Dominican Republic, seeks to provide timely and accurate information to various segments of society about how the Dominican Pensions System (Sistema Dominicano de Pensiones ‒ SDP) works; to educate and raise awareness about the rights and duties of members and beneficiaries; to promote the inclusion of pension-related issues in the National Educational System and create a web portal and a Pension Education School, from which different strategies and actions are coordinated and implemented that can help mitigate the weaknesses highlighted in the SDP in its nearly 20 years of operation, caused in large part by a lack of knowledge on the part of citizens.

Old-age pensions
Information and communication technology