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Use of QR codes in patient education

Implementation year

The use of QR codes in patient education arose from the need for the pharmacy service to reach different groups of patients in an innovative way, in order to provide education on the proper use of medicines for better treatment adherence, as well as education about their diseases.

The World Health Organization (WHO) defines health education as learning opportunities created consciously that involve a form of communication intended to improve health literacy.

The use of QR codes in user education is broad and depends on the health professional who wants to use it.

Depending on the subject that one wants to address, it helps to maintain the privacy of at-risk groups (adolescents and HIV/AIDS patients, among others). The above applies because when providing sensitive information, one only needs to print the QR code and give it to the patient, so that they can access it when and where they want.

For an idea of what has been created, they can scan the following QR codes with their mobile phone using any ‘QR reader’ app, or if they have an iPhone, via the camera:

QR code 1QR code 2QR code 3

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