EsSalud - Social Health Insurance Institute

Virtual integrated platform for insured persons (VIVA)

Implementation year

The virtual integrated platform for insured persons, (Ventanilla Integrada Virtual del Asegurado - VIVA) is a virtual platform set up by Peru’s EsSalud - Social Health Insurance Institute (EsSalud - Seguro Social de Salud). VIVA gives insured persons and employer representatives immediate access to their EsSalud insurance and benefit files, enabling them to carry out operations and consult their data while avoiding any delay linked to the need for a physical appointment.

VIVA can be accessed from any electronic device (computer, mobile phone, tablet or other equipment with an Internet connection), from the comfort of one’s home or office, simply by visiting This reduces the need for individuals to travel and complies with the Government’s social distancing and lockdown provisions.

In the current lockdown scenario linked to the COVID-19 pandemic, VIVA is a customer service channel that has increasingly helped to close the gap between the institution and its users by making it possible for them to continue to carry out their procedures. This has significantly sped up services and led to a shift of customer service model from face-to-face to remote.

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