Mutual Association for the Protection of the Family

System to optimize access to medical appointments

Implementation year

Argentina’s Mutual Association for the Protection of the Family (Asociación Mutual de Protección Familiar – AMPF) forms, through its 65 branch offices nationwide, a network of primary health-care (PHC) services (servicios de atención primaria de la salud – APS).

The service, which focuses on prevention, looks at patients within their family and social contexts, delivering care through interdisciplinary teams coordinated by family doctors, psychologists and social workers.

AMPF members live in diverse circumstances and socio-economic conditions and they often find attending medical appointments in person both time-consuming and costly. After 18 years working in face-to-face appointment between doctor and patient. Bearing in mind these two factors, the AMPF sought an efficient and effective solution for patients and health-care professionals alike.

In March 2019, the introduction of an integrated teleconsultation system (voice and video calls), provided simple and effective access to health care without the need to visit a PHC facility in person, all the while maintaining the quality of the doctor-patient relationship.

Information and communication technology
Service quality