Pension Fund of Morocco

Forum theatre: A communication channel for developing social security culture / Communicating changes in behaviour to raise awareness of user rights and duties

Implementation year

Forum theatre is a form of theatre created in the 1960s by a Brazilian playwright and director to help fight all kinds of oppression existing in human societies. The Pension Fund of Morocco (Caisse marocaine des retraites –  CMR) drew inspiration from this type of theatre to develop a communication channel in order to change public perceptions with regard to:

  • social security governance and administration;
  • the national reform of retirement systems currently in progress and the urgent need to implement it;
  • retirement and the associated rights and duties.

The CMR forum theatre was provided by a company consisting of Moroccan acting stars and presented by a professional specializing in this type of theatre. The presentations reached nine large regions of the country. A national media campaign supported the tour, with reports broadcast on national TV channels and radio stations, and featured in newspapers and on online news outlets and social media.