National Social Insurance Fund for Employees

Production and presentation of a radio programme entitled “Service public dédié à la sécurité sociale” (Public service dedicated to social security)

Implementation year

The National Social Insurance Fund for Employees (Caisse nationale des assurances sociales des travailleurs salariés – CNAS) continues to make efforts to communicate with its users (insured persons, dependants, employers, health professionals, partners, the public) using all existing channels. One worthwhile strategy in this area is the communication of social information by the production of a radio programme.

At the end of 2017, the CNAS launched a radio programme intended for all users with the main aim of informing insured persons and citizens of their rights and duties concerning social security, as well as offering news and features.

The unusual feature of this radio programme is that it is entirely conceived, produced and presented by CNAS managers (including the guests) specializing in one or more areas of the subject being dealt with.

Using national radio, the ultimate public service medium, which bridges the gap between institutions and citizens, the CNAS has drawn closer to its users by directly entering their everyday lives.