Local Authorities Pension Trust

Leveraging digital communication platforms to drive pension coverage in Kenya

Implementation year

In 2019, the Local Authorities Pension Trust (LAPT) carried out a digital marketing campaign dubbed “Eneza Pensheni” which is Swahili for “Spread Pension”. The campaign was premised on the fact that less than 20 per cent of Kenyans were covered by a workplace pension plan. Notably, a survey by Infotrack Research & Consulting, commissioned by the LAPT indicated that the number of Kenyans with a pension plan had declined to 10 per cent as most respondents intended to rely heavily on investments such as property to cater for their financial needs after retirement.

The campaign was urged on by the fact that Kenya’s mobile coverage stood at well over 95 per cent. This, therefore, formed a concrete, inexpensive and solid platform to conduct the digital campaign. The cost per click was 0.01 United States dollar (USD). Additionally, the digital marketing campaign generated 1,424 new installations of the mobile application “The Scheme”; while the number of mobile application users of “The Scheme” increased to over 1,200, which was an increase of 53.1 per cent from the year 2018. The average number of users per week was 275.

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