National Social Insurance Fund

Digital receipt

Implementation year

The payment of social security contributions by the employer is recorded in the form of a payment receipt by the National Social Insurance Fund (Caisse nationale de prévoyance sociale – CNPS). If payment was made by bank transfer, the employer used to have to go to the CNPS’s receipt issuers at a later date to collect his receipt. The digital receipt radically changes this procedure: after payment online, using mobile money or by bank transfer, the digital receipt is issued directly and immediately in the space dedicated to the employer on the CNPS website, and is also sent by email. The employer’s contributor account is automatically updated in the database through the computer gateways. The employer no longer needs to travel to collect his receipt - he can print it out whenever he wants, either from his dedicated space or from his own mailbox. Moreover, the receipt is kept indefinitely, so the procedure is simplified and economical in all respects.

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