National Social Security Fund

Computerized management of the registration, collection and accounts-keeping processes

Implementation year

The National Social Security Fund (Caisse nationale de sécurité sociale – CNSS) of Guinea collects the contributions of private sector employees.

The registration of employers and employees and maintenance of contributors’ accounts had been manual ever since the fund was set up.

This situation led to many problems:

  • Incorrect identification due to errors made in allocating numbers to members of the system.
  • Failure to maintain employers’ and employees’ accounts, forcing the CNSS to use information provided by employers for calculating annuities.

In 2012, the General Directorate of the CNSS undertook to set up a computerized management system beginning with the registration process and ending in 2017 with the updating of contributing employers’ and employees’ and pensioners’ accounts. This made possible an increase in the number of contributors and the optimization of collection, combined with an improvement in social benefits paid: The number of employers on the contributors’ list rose from 1,458 in 2012 to 14,712 in 2019 and the number of employees increased from 7,747 in 2012 to 133,047 in 2019.

Governance and administration
Information and communication technology
Contribution collection and compliance
Service quality
Error, evasion and fraud