National Social Security Fund

Biometric identification of insured persons

Implementation year

The Guinean National Social Security Fund (Caisse nationale de sécurité sociale – CNSS) ensures social provision via four social security branches:

  • old-age and survivors’ pensions and disability benefits;
  • occupational accidents and disease;
  • family benefits;
  • sickness.

It also registers insured persons and collects social security contributions.

Recently, faced with a growing number of identity frauds, the CNSS has undertaken biometric identification using certain features that make a person unique.

The CNSS’s principal concerns in its task of fulfilling entitlements include identifying insured persons and their dependents and authenticating biometric cards so that people can receive benefits.

For example, identity theft in sickness insurance is a huge financial drain for this social benefit.

For this reason, in 2011 the CNSS began a biometric register of all insured persons, both those who are active (contributors) and those who are inactive (the dependents of insured parties and the recipients of pensions and annuities).

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Contribution collection and compliance
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