National Social Insurance Fund

Online Certificate for Submission

Implementation year

The Certificate for Submission (Attestation pour soumission – APS) is the clearance certificate issued by the National Social Insurance Fund (Caisse nationale de prévoyance sociale – CNPS) to any employer applying for a public contract. The process of issuing it used to require the employer to travel to the CNPS for both the filing of the application and collection of the document. These constraints, combined with prior verification of the status of the contributor’s account, very often lengthened the waiting time, which made it difficult to file the submission package on time. The online APS was set up and implemented in August 2019 to remedy these shortcomings once and for all and to meet the organization’s service quality commitments. It involves the immediate issuing of a digital certificate, if the account is up to date, based on an online request from the workstation or using a smartphone. It is an innovation that keeps pace with the technological evolution and behavioural trends of our customers.

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Information and communication technology
Service quality