National Social Security Fund

Facilitating employment opportunities through innovation: Supporting sustainable employment by intervening in the start-up ecosystem

Implementation year

The National Social Security Fund (NSSF) is a national saving scheme mandated by the Government of Uganda to provide social security services to employees in Uganda. Serving as a provident fund, NSSF (or the Fund) provides a mandatory retirement savings programme for its members in the formal sector.

However, in addition to extending social security protection to its members, the Fund has resonated strongly with the need to “give back” to the community it serves. To complete the cycle of being a social security service provider of choice, this requires that the Fund provide empowerment to other facets of life of its customers. Through research, the Fund recognised that it can best influence this empowerment through supporting the start-up ecosystem to drive new opportunities of economic development through the provision of support to potentially scalable businesses. This, in turn, drives a domino effect of opportunities that includes employment, government collections (taxes, NSSF, etc.), skills advancement and potential investment from external investors.

Governance and administration