Mutual Benefit Society for Public Employees

The gradual roll-out of the Mutual Benefit Society pharmacies across the country: Provision of drugs to insured parties at a socialized rate

Implementation year

In 1989, Burundi’s Mutual Benefit Society for Public Employees (Mutuelle de la Fonction Publique – MFP), which was founded in 1980, began to establish its own pharmacies near partnering public hospitals as part of its drive to regulate the cost of drugs reimbursed to healthcare partners. Private partner pharmacies were increasing their prices as they saw fit and a financial imbalance between the cost of healthcare services and contributions was imminent. Insured parties should source pharmaceutical products from our own dispensaries instead of paying a higher price to an accredited social partner. Drugs are ideally ordered direct from the manufacturing laboratories or their own wholesalers so that they can be accessed more cheaply by insured parties. This remains in compliance with public procurement procedures – with contract award to the lowest bidder keeping prices down.

Governance and administration
Extension of coverage
Service quality
Error, evasion and fraud