National Social Security Fund of Public State Employees
Congo, Democratic Republic of the

Establishment of an online service or web application for consulting contribution payment history: "Cotisation 1.0”

Implementation year

The online service or web application known as “Cotisation 1.0” (Contribution 1.0) is an IT solution intended for use by members of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC)’s National Social Security Fund of Public State Employees (Caisse nationale de sécurité sociale des agents publics de l’Etat – CNSSAPE) via its website. Its aim is to allow scheme members to consult their personal contribution records as well as to simulate pension forecasts.

To connect to the Cotisation 1.0 web application, visitors to the CNSSAPE website ( must have a username and password.

A user guide is available to help users navigate the app.

Reflecting the organization’s commitment to continuous improvement, the next steps for this application involve developing functionality relating to the logging and management of complaints through the app and surveying its users. In the longer term, there are plans to migrate across to a mobile application.

Old-age pensions
Information and communication technology
Contribution collection and compliance