National Pension Service
Korea, Republic of
Asia and Pacific

One-stop service through four social insurance information systems

Implementation year

The National Pension Service (NPS) developed a social insurance computer network that connects the databases of the four national social insurance programmes on pensions, health, employment and workers’ compensation. In February 2003, the NPS established the Social Insurance Information Center (the Center) that allows citizens to access all four social security schemes by visiting (or via online) any one office of the three administering organizations. By integrating the channels of the four social insurance schemes, citizens no longer need to visit each of the organizations for any service request, be it for registering to any of the four social insurance schemes, making inquiries, changes, requests or submissions, or filing claims. Connecting national information resources allowed the simplifying and streamlining of various application forms and documents, leading to huge improvements in the efficiency of processes. The initiative is also recognized as ground-breaking service in light of the user-friendly environment for citizens to check their insurance history and status online.

Service quality