Social Security Corporation
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Social Security: Outreach to all (Strategy of extending social security coverage)

Implementation year

Stemming from the social and economic responsibility shouldered by the Jordanian Social Security Corporation (JSSC) at the national level, and in line with its efforts to extend social security coverage to all those working inside the Kingdom and Jordanians abroad, JSSC kicked off its strategy with the aim of extending social security coverage inside and outside the Kingdom.

The Strategy is based on three key components:

  • extension of social security coverage based on geographic areas to cover enterprises hiring less than five workers;
  • JSSC Ambassador to reach Jordanians working abroad through Jordanian embassies/consulates and mobile office, and
  • redefinition of the Insured Person in the Social Security Law to avail the right for JSSC to cover employers, housewives, the self-employed, agricultural workers, fishermen, and those working in the informal sector.


The extension of social protection calls for a dynamic approach through the design of a national social security policy grounded in the concept of the partnership between different actors, state, local, and other strategically partners. In fact, this experience can be rolled out to all social security institutions that seek to extend coverage, taking into account the respective context of each country.

Extension of coverage