National Pension Scheme Authority


Implementation year

The National Pension Scheme Authority (NAPSA) was created in 2000 by the Act of Parliament number 40 of 1996 to administer the National Pension Scheme. The Authority's key mandate includes the registration of members, collection of member contributions, prudent investment of the contributions, and the payment of benefits when they fall due. The Authority is also mandated by law to enforce compliance by employers to the provisions of the Act.

To enhance efficiency in its operations and promote compliance among employers, the National Pension Scheme Authority embarked on a robust digitalisation and automation programme which has seen implementation of many Information Technology systems.

One of the systems the Authority has implemented is the eNAPSA, a web-based e-service portal through which employers and employees transact with the Authority. Employers can register employees, file monthly returns and make payment for statutory NAPSA contributions. Employees on the other hand can use eNAPSA to check member and beneficiary details and contributions and benefits information.

The system has enabled the Authority to capture and store clean and authentic data which is critical for the payment of benefits.

Information and communication technology