National Social Security Fund for Non-Salaried Workers

Launch of web and mobile applications for social security

Implementation year

This project consists in providing inspectors with tablet computers and web and mobile applications as part of a new policy on the collection of contributions and monitoring of insured persons. The system performs the following functions:

It enables insured persons to:

  • obtain relevant information from in the National Social Security Fund for Non-Salaried Workers (Caisse nationale de sécurité sociale des non-salariés – CASNOS) e.g., availability of their CHIFA social security card, eligibility, pension amount, etc.; 
  • submit complaints to the support unit using the application (communication with the support unit); 
  • update administrative information remotely.

It enables inspectors to:

  • avoid unnecessary trips between offices to obtain information on member status;
  • access information (administrative and account status) in real time;
  • perform targeted controls;
  • automatically generate summary and supervisory reports such as: 
    • compulsory membership;
    • contribution base adjustments;
    • assisting with electronic data management;
    • tracking inspectors’ work in real time; 
  • statistical reports;
  • harmonize procedures;
  • promote cooperation between the inspection service and other services; 
  • access other departments’ files.
Service quality
Information and communication technology