National Social Security Administration

Welfare for Our People (Bienestar para Nuestra Gente): a social security programme for indigenous groups

Implementation year

The objective of the program is to work to ensure that indigenous people and vulnerable rural communities of our country fully enjoy and exercise their social security rights from an integrated perspective, through institutional action that ensures access to the National Social Security Administration (Administración Nacional de la Seguridad Social – ANSES) benefits without discrimination and respecting their culture and socio-economic characteristics. This program includes various activities promoting inclusion, outreach and the theoretical and practical training of indigenous leaders and members of their communities at large.

With this program, the ANSES seeks to enable the development of transformation processes allowing the extension of coverage through active indigenous involvement. The program is national in scope and is implemented in modules developed by the ANSES personnel in indigenous communities, after consultation and agreement with each village.

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Extension of coverage